Shaoxing Shangyu Kaihang Knitting Factory
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Shaoxing Shangyu Kaihang Knitting Factory

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Shaoxing Shangyu Kaihang Knitting Factory is a professional manufacturer of pet clothing and accessories, located in Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, China, one and a half hours drive from Shanghai and Ningbo, the transportation is convenient. We are BSCI and Disney audited and provide OBM,ODM and OEM services. We can produce at least 200,000 pet clothes per month. We have been committed to product development, design, production and processing, quality control and marketing. The main products are: pet clothes, pet sweaters, pet socks, pet hats, pet scarves, pet waterproof socks, pet leg warmers, pet scarves, pet blankets, pet pads, pet shoes and other pet clothing and accessories. The products are sold to Japan, South Korea, Europe, the United States, Canada, Russia and other countries and regions, enjoy a good reputation in these markets, and have established a good, stable and long-term cooperative relationship with major brand owners for a long time. We are a designated supplier for many brands. In order to develop more business with our new and existing customers, we set up our own purchasing and design departments, Founded "Wan talk" and "Meow talk" dog and cat two brands, to carry out independent design, create independent brands, while according to the world trend and regional consumption habits also for all kinds of customers to provide targeted new design, new development, to meet the changing consumer environment and customer needs

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